The Pre Pride Guide

What do Pure for Men and June both have in common?

Well, besides both being sizzling hot, both Pure for Men and June are all about Pride! These 30 days mark the annual celebration of Pride Month, with roots all the way back to Stonewall in the 60s.

For us, Pride is more than changing our logo color to rainbow, it’s a celebration of the progress that’s made both our company and our community possible.

To further give back to our community, we are sharing our top ways to Stay Ready for Pride Month this June!


Whether your earliest memory is Stonewall or marriage legalization, it’s worth looking at the past to prepare for this year’s Pride Month!

Learn from your elders and get together with your chosen family to celebrate your identity. Use June as the perfect opportunity to reconnect with others and your history, and possibly as a segue to ask Dave from accounting out to a parade or an after-party!

If you prefer to keep your Pride celebration intimate, no worries! You can still plan a night of self-care or intimacy and gather any mood-setting products from your favorite LGBTQIA+ businesses. We don’t mean to brag, but our bergamot and dark oak scented Candle and our Stay Ready Lube varieties are quite popular for a reason!


Pride Month is more important than ever this year to preserve LGBTQIA+ visibility and to continue the work that’s needed for our community to thrive.

And what better way is there to be visible than to have some sweet swag? Of course, rainbow shirts and flags are classics, but if you’re more comfortable being subtle we recommend things like our Stay Ready Backpack or our Stay Proud Tote Bag. Plus, the backpack also doubles as a potential conversation starter for other men who Stay Ready!

We also recommend planning to attend some community events or volunteer programs before your schedule fills up. June is not only the time to feel proud of your identity, but to also help others who are uncomfortable or unable to be proud through community organization involvement.


Now, we couldn’t talk about June without addressing the ultimate act of pride! Which is…taking your Fiber Supplements!

We also have you covered for the Pride after-parties with our Face Care Kits, Wipes, and Reset Supplements to help you slay the party and the hangover!All jokes aside, sex is perhaps the best way to celebrate Pride Month and the only thing that can make Pride sex even better is being ready for Pride sex. We got your back (and his!) with Bottoming Supplements, Anal Lube varieties from coconut-based to water-based, and even Body Washes to keep you ready for Pride in the streets or the sheets!


Pure for Men believes in celebrating Pride not only in June but every day!

We need Pride more than ever, and we’re here to help our community Stay Ready and Stay Proud. From sharing the best tips and products for clean bottoms to constantly innovating our supplements for the LGBTQIA+ community, we are here to help you through all of June, 2022, or even the 300th Drag Race spinoff!

Get ready and Stay Ready for Pride this year with Pure for Men!


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