10 Tips for Better Bottom Hygiene

What is Bottoming? 

Bottoming is an essential point of discussion for members of any community and one that we at Pure for Men know deeply. Generally referring to what some might call “receiving” or “catching,” bottoming is the act of being penetrated during sexual intercourse.

While typically associated with the gay community, the act of bottoming is synonymous across the board with any member of any community who is on the receiving end of penetrative sex. This includes cis-men, cis-women, trans-men, trans-women, and everyone in between.

In any intimate situation, it's crucial to prioritize hygiene to avoid pitfalls when securing your cabin doors and preparing for lift-off. Taking the steps necessary to ensure a safe and smooth flight can mean the difference between a trip to the shower or one to the dry cleaners post-coital connection.

Here are 10 Tips for Better Bottom Hygiene:

  1. Use a fiber supplement: A daily fiber supplement is beneficial in helping you feel better about your daily duties and can also help you stay ready for some internal action. By taking your daily fiber, you ensure that whenever you have to go, you clear yourself out entirely. That means less time spent douching, less time spent cleansing your bangers and mash, and more time getting smashed. It’s not just healthy to give yourself the dietary fiber necessary to keep your stuff solid, but it’s also great to make sure you’re ready to rock whenever the time arises.

  2. Eat light before you get heavy: It might sound like a no-brainer, but don’t eat a huge meal before you let your significant other take a ride in your backseat. Regardless of the fiber, the cleaning, or the time spent in prep beforehand, you may find yourself in a messy situation when the bell finally tolls. Spend less time with the mess and try to eat as lightly as possible before opening up to your partner.


Spend less time with the mess and try to eat as lightly as possible before opening up to your partner.
  1. Clean yourself regularly: Dirty hoes belong in the garden, not the bedroom. Clean your body. A healthy cleaning regimen is the first step to ensuring you’re staying fresh and ready whenever it’s time to get busy and enjoy some time down under. Regularly washing your hands, body, and downstairs mix-up is among the minimum you can do to keep yourself prepped for when you want someone to get all up in there.

  2. Shower/bathe beforehand: We can’t stress it enough - wash yourself before doing the deed! Not just for smelling nice and cleaning your intimates for go time. A warm shower isn’t just good for the soul but helps loosen you up before you get hard. Take time to cleanse your body, relax your muscles, and ensure all your bits and pieces are cleaned off and your runway is ready for landing. This is a surefire way to set you up for success in the bedroom. At the very least, you’ve given yourself the mental space before to prep for any eventuality.

  3. Douching is your friend: Trust us…a little water goes a long way when preparing to engage in heavy petting. Not only does douching prepare your behind by helping stretch out the muscles before anyone even has a chance to get down there, but you’ll also be cleaning out any unwelcome and unnoticed remnants that might have been missed when you spent some time cleaning the area in your pre-plow shower. Give yourself peace of mind and put extra energy into flushing yourself out. Your sheets and your partner will thank you. 
Give yourself peace of mind and put extra energy into flushing yourself out.

  1. Prep, prep, and more prep: Preparation comes in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors. Not only douching, not only showering, moments leading up to the experience - but even hours, days, and weeks before in the form of some intimate alone time with your holiest of holies. Practice on yourself when you’re in the privacy of your own home, when you have some free time in the shower, when you’re bored waiting for DoorDash to drop your food off - whenever it’s clever to work those muscles and mentally connect with the sensation of relaxing your sphinx is going to give you the best chance of having the most pleasurable experience when the time comes.

  2. Condoms, foreplay, and lots of lube: When you’re finally ready to accept a ship in your port, make sure you wrap it, tap it, and lather that bad boy up before entry. Not only will this make the overall experience much smoother, but it’ll also limit the possibility of injury and help keep you from tensing up when it matters most. Uranus is a sensitive planet, and when a rocket lands on its surface, it can leave a mark, so it’s best to prep for the softest landing possible…it’s not rocket science.
  3. Soap and warm water go a long way: Don’t skimp on cleaning and caring for yourself when the deed is done. Take some time in the shower, use the showerhead, get in there, get your partner in there…make a game of it - but be gentle because the area will be sensitive. Use soap and warm water to carefully rinse and wash the area off, feel around for cuts, and make sure you give it a rest when you’re done.

  4. Consult your doctor: If you feel like you may have gone a bit further than expected and worry you’re hurting more than you think is normal, trust your body, take the time to call your doctor, and schedule an appointment to talk about it. You must stay safe, clean, and ready, stay on top of any eventuality, and get to the bottom of any possible injuries as quickly as possible. To avoid infection and make sure you’re being responsible, always consult a physician should you be worried that you might be dealing with a bit more than a tender booty after a trip to Pound Town.

Give yourself some Tender Loving Care: A little TLC goes a long way in maintaining not only your physical hygiene but your mental hygiene, too. As a cluttered room often means a cluttered mind, a clean mind helps keep a clean body. It can be a heavy mental and physical strain after catching for nine w(hole) innings. Give your body and your mind a break: meditate, spend time outside, go to the spa, treat yourself to a hot bath, light a candle, and gift yourself some alone time. While taking a load from others can feel great, always remember to look out for number one and show the person you care about most how much they matter.

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